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Friday, July 13, 2018

Privacy and Data Security Law@Dentons

Innovation Insights, a community blog and forum, is "dedicated to new thinking for a new era in technology." Community members post their thoughts, ideas, insights, and tips on everything from big data to supercomputers on the blog, but there is a rich discussion centered on data protection that is definitely worth a read.
Three posts we like from Innovation Insights:
Data Protection from CSO provides readers with the latest news, analysis, opinion, and more regarding data protection. With research and how-to guides, Data Protection is a robust blog that serves everyone who is tasked with data protection.
Three posts we like from Data Protection:
Infosecurity Magazine"s Data Protection category includes information on best practices for managing data breaches, information risk management, and tools and procedures for effective data loss prevention. Information is presented in a variety of formats, including white papers, webinars, and articles.
Three resources we like from Infosecurity Magazine Data Protection:
TechTarget"s Enterprise Data Security and Privacy section is a robust collection of perspectives, news, and insights on data protection. You"ll find news stories and vendor resources, product reviews, Q&A resources, and more.
Three posts we like from TechTarget Enterprise Data Security and Privacy:
The System Center: Data Protection Manager blog at TechNet covers all things related to Microsoft System Center products, in addition to general news and industry insights on data protection, security, and mobility.
Three posts we like from System Center: Data Protection Manager:
ESG Global offers a robust collection of resources, analyst reports, surveys, and other insights related to data protection. Blogs, videos, and lab reports offer insights on the latest research in the field of data protection, as well as varied perspectives from industry analysts and thought leaders.
Three resources we like from ESG Global Data Protection Resources:
The Brocade white paper "Data Protection: Understanding the Benefits of Various Data Backup and Recovery Techniques" features content about how organizations should define their recovery objectives. The paper also discusses how organizations should align their technology strategy and business requirements and is a valuable read for any company executive who makes decisions about data protection.
Three key topics we like from Brocade:
  • Data recovery objectives
  • Macro design decisions
  • Continuous data protection and file services data protection
Digital Guardian's 5 Practical Tips to Protect Manufacturing Trade Secrets offers five key recommendations for evaluating your organization"s security program"s ability to protect your IP from cyber espionage attacks.
Three key topics from 5 Practical Tips to Protect Manufacturing Trade Secrets:
  • Former DuPont CISO Larry Brock on makes the case for investment in IP protection and establishing a holistic program
  • Approaches to calculating the true cost of IP theft
  • Protect your IP from insider and outsider threats
Known for its technology insights, market intelligence, and advisory services, ISG is a leader in the field. ISG"s white paper, "Defining the Right Data Protection Strategy: The Nuances of Backup and Recovery Solutions," is an authoritative data protection resource from ISG"s Cindy LaChapelle, Principal Consultant.
Three key topics we like from ISG:
  • Data protection strategies for critical business data
  • Optimizing data protection
  • Appropriate data protection solutions
Insider threats pose substantial risks to enterprise intellectual property. Dan Geer reveals strategies for mitigating the risk of insider threats in this white paper from Digital Guardian.
Three key topics from Dan Geer on How to Mitigate the Risk of Insider Threats:
  • Mitigating security risk from insider threats
  • The current state of insider risk and how to assess insider risk
  • Most cost-effective approach for mitigating insider risk
This study, conducted by the Ponemon Institute, uncovers what executives consider to be the most important considerations in the safeguarding of sensitive information and the compliance with increasing regulatory requirements. This is the second such study focused on the awareness of CEOs and other executives about their companies" data protection efforts and the value in data protection initiatives, both in terms of economic justification and in how well these efforts support broader organizational goals.
Three key topics we like from The Business Case for Data Protection:
  • The perceived value of data protection efforts
  • Executive awareness of corporate data protection efforts
  • Major risks to sensitive and confidential data in the cloud

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