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Friday, July 13, 2018

Useful Data Protection Resources

Businesses and organizations are creating and using data at unprecedented rates. With this boom in big data comes challenges and problems in information and data protection. Previously, enterprises emphasized perimeter security over things like endpoint protection, data-centric security and data loss prevention. Now, the rise of mobility and ever-expanding security perimeters make it necessary for companies to find data protection solutions that secure data from both internal and external threats, placing the focus on sensitive data as it travels within and outside of enterprise networks.
The ever-changing landscape of data protection has resulted in a tremendous amount of knowledge sharing and thought leadership from technology experts, industry analysts, consulting firms, privacy lawyers, and others with a vested interest in data security and protection. These experts share their knowledge and advice in a wide range of formats, including blogs, white papers, videos, webinars, guides, and other online resources. With the sheer quantity of information and resources available online today, it can be difficult to sort through it all to find the most trusted and experienced sources that provide accurate insights and educated perspectives on relevant data protection challenges facing modern enterprises.
So, we've compiled a list of 51 useful data protection resources to help you secure your data and feel more at ease about your company's valuable information. Our list includes reports from leading industry analysts, surveys, data protection blogs, white papers, videos, and more. The following 51 resources aren't listed in any particular order, other than by category. This list is not intended to imply that the resources included here are the best or only resources on the topic; rather, these are 51 data protection resources we think are worth a look, from analyst reports worth reading (or re-reading) to resource portals worth adding to your bookmarks. If there's something great that's not on the list, let us know in the comments!
The Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) upholds information rights that are in the public interest and promotes openness by public bodies but strives for individuals" data privacy. The ICO Blog focuses on those information rights issues, and especially data protection.
Three posts we like from ICO Blog:
The blog of Hogan Lovells, privacy attorneys and data security lawyers, Chronicle of Data Protection includes posts about consumer and financial privacy, cybersecurity and data breaches, and other topics of relevance to data protection. With the latest information on security news and trends, Chronicle of Data Protection is a useful read for those who need the most up-to-date data protection regulations and news.
Three posts we like from Chronicle of Data Protection:
datonomy boasts a team of home, international, and guest bloggers to make it a well-researched data protection blog. Posts typically discuss data protection law and practice, as well as the problems and challenges associated with data protection.
Three posts we like from datonomy:
The Data Protection Technology Blog is provided by the Guardian, which covers American and international news for its global online audience. Data Protection Technology Blog is frequently updated with the latest news and information about worldwide data protection issues and is a trustworthy resource.
Three posts we like from Data Protection Technology Blog:
Privacy Matters is written and maintained by DLA Piper's Data Protection and Privacy practice. Posts update readers about legal matters and regulations regarding data protection, plus include analysis of data protection happenings around the world.
The expert behind the IT Security Expert Blog is Dave Whitelegg, a UK-based information security expert. Whitelegg makes his blog accessible to people at all levels of technology knowledge and provides his views on IT security, privacy, and data protection.
Three posts we like from IT Security Expert Blog:
As the Privacy Surgeon, Simon Davies provides "forensic insights from the world's most experienced privacy advocate." Davies analyzes issues of privacy, information security, and data protection in his informative, sometimes satirical posts.
Three posts we like from the Privacy Surgeon:
Martin Hoskins is the Data Protector, and he uses his blog "to offer an irreverent approach to data protection issues." Hoskins' preference for transparency, fairness, practicality, and risk-assessment over technical principles are clear in his data protection posts.
Three posts we like from Data Protector:
BakerHostetler is "one of the nation"s largest and most comprehensive practices in the area of data privacy and information security." Data Privacy Monitor, their blog, offers information on data privacy and information security and is a very helpful resource to organizations that handle data protection.
Three posts we like from Data Privacy Monitor:
Data Protection Insights, a blog provided by Computerworld, shares the advice and insights from Peter Eicher"s more than 15 years of experience in the computer software industry. The posts cover data protection-related topics such as data backup and recovery and storage, among others.
Three posts we like from Data Protection Insights:

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